Pre Show Meals

Musical Showtime. "Keeping music live"

Located by the seaside, in Peacehaven, East Sussex, Telephone 01273 512771

Last Show


Showtime Set Up, Time Lapse

"Showtime" is taking a break

Until such time that your wellbeing is less at risk.

We already have a brilliant, full two hour show, lined up, when this is the case.

No future dates can be announced yet, but regulars will receive a phone call, from us, about a month before, to offer you your priority tickets.

We look forward to your company and valued support then.

This website and our facebook page, will keep you updated.

Please click on the video clip, below, for further details and how to keep in touch.

Please look forward to

"A one man variety show "


Matthew Bason

Talented Organist, Pianist, Accordionist

& West End Vocalist.

Please See the Video Clip Below